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Study Spanish
in Xalapa (Jalapa), Mexico

Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Xalapa, Mexico.

Learn Spanish in Xalapa, the city many refer to as the Santa Fe of Mexico.

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Although our site is small we wish you to have a site map. Please remember to see our philosophy of Spanish immersion more fully you can take a look at The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico.

Xalapa Home is our homepage. Here we introduce and explain ourselves to you. And we invite you to study Spanish with us in Xalapa.

Tour of Xalapa is a set of amateur photos chosen to give you a sense of beautiful, colonial Xalapa, and allow you to sample the flavors.

Outings talks about many places around town you can visit during your Spanish study--places where you'll practice and participate with locals.

Weekends introduces you to great weekend day and overnight trips.

Pricing reviews our pricing structure. It's here that we have some useful government and organization links.

Idioms Some idioms and colloquial expressions heard in the State of Veracruz that you can add to you spoken Spanish

Sitemap is where you are right now.

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Join us to Study Spanish in Xalapa

Enjoy Spanish Immersion in this Arts Center in the undiscovered State of Veracruz

Learn Spanish as you actively participate in the art and culture of today's Mexico and yesterday's Totonacapan.

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