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Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Xalapa, Mexico.

Learn Spanish in Xalapa, the city many refer to as the Santa Fe of Mexico.

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The State of Veracruz is very safe for tourists, and there are lots of great places to go. Even with only a week of Spanish immersion you can travel to many wonderful spots.

This listing of great weekend spots has one special consideration in common, all can be gotten to by taking only one bus. If your Spanish is intermediate or advanced, you may wish to make more complicated trips.

School staff will give you full details about logistics for any weekend trip you choose to make. Staff will be available by cellphone in case you run into difficulties. The local folks are wonderful. Asking them for help almost always works, and it transforms your situation from trouble to adventure.

carved square column found int The Xalapa Museum of Anthropo;ogy Museum of Anthropology:   Of all of Xalapa's sites, possibly none is as splendid and awe inspiring as this major museum. Often considered to be second only to the Anthro Museum in Mexico City, the incredible collection of antiguities ranges from colossal stone heads to miniture, delicate sculpture. You can get to the museum by bus or taxi. Plan on spending at least half a day, and probably more enjoying the exhibits, the building itself, and the marvelously landscaped grounds.

Waterfall in Xico Xico:   A wonderful day trip brings you to this small and charming town. Although you'll see other tourists, you'll sense pure Mexico. After walking around town a little, you can drop into any of the many excellent restaurants. By taxi or walking (it's a little over a mile) you can visit the Cascada de Texolo, a stunning waterfall. If a running of the bulls is for you, as part of the town's annual festival held every July, you can take to the streets and instead of dodging buses you can dodge horns.

Tower of the Cursed Church in Huatusco Huatusco:   An easy bus ride from Xalapa takes you completely away from the tourist trail. Huatusco is the urban center for a large agricultural area (including coffee plantations). It's sleepy and vibrant at the same time. As the commercial center, it's banking, and technology are fully modern. Its cafes and small shops are small town. Huatusco is the perfect entry point for nature tours into the cloud-forest mountains.

The plaza in Puebla Puebla:   A longer ride and requiring an overnight stay, Puebla is the capital of the state of the same name. It too is an arts center but on a larger and more cosmopolitan scale than Xalapa. The battle leading to independence from France was fought in Puebla's hilly grounds. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory.

Black clay pottery workshop in Chavarrillo Chavarrillo:   In this small village, all land is held in common. It's an ejido--a commons land given by the government to those living in a prescribed region. Offering ecotourism is Cafa Selva. You can participate in workshops on coffee production, beekeeping, and black clay pottery. They also offer nature hikes with spectacular birding.

Rafting in Jacomulco Jalcomulco:   The town seems to ignore tourists. And yet Jalcomulco has a thriving tourist industry built around whitewater rafting. Several full service resorts lie on the outskirts of the town. In town several small, locally owned rafting shops offer high quality, highly skilled rafting adventures. Also available are zipline and rappel.

A pyamid at Cempoala Zempoala and La Antigua:   Down almost to the coast the little town of La Antigua will take you a hundred years back in time. It lies on both sides of the Rio Antigua, the entry point into Mexico for Cortez and his Conquistadors. Zempoala was the center of a Totonac empire at the time. Zempoala's chief sided with Cortez against the Aztecs, and a number of Zempoala's warriors fought along side Cortez all the way to the Aztec capital.

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