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in Xalapa (Jalapa), Mexico

Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Xalapa, Mexico.

Learn Spanish in Xalapa, the city many refer to as the Santa Fe of Mexico.

As you study Spanish you'll find your learning is made all the more fun by your surroundings. It's much easier to learn Spanish in the midst of vibrant Mexican culture.

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Every class day you'll be out and about the city. Simply walking down a street in old Xalapa is a memorable moment.

The locals enjoy talking to the many visitors to their hometown. They are gracious and friendly folks.

Out with a charlante or out on your own after the school day ends, You'll be immersed in the happy sounds of Spanish. Regardless of your level, the locals will want to talk with you.

You'll be surprised at how patient they are with your Spanish (if you're new to the language) If you wish, they'll help correct your mistakes, but most often they'll just, inside their own thinking, fix your structure or conjugations or etc. in order to understand what you mean. And they'll answer slowly and clearly.

Out on your own you might get lost. Those are especially fun times. Everyone will want to help you find your way. Once in awhile, if the route is a little complicated a local will have you follow along until he or she leaves the pathway you need. And then, instead of leaving you to fare on your own, a new guide, another local going your way, will be recruited.

Throughout the State of Veracruz, the people might be the nicest and most helpful of any you've met anywhere in your travels.

And Xalapa might be the most exciting and enriching arts community you've every visited.

Looking down from the second floor, one has a bird's eye view of the interior courtyard of this Xalapa hotel
Xalapa is home to many old and traditional hotels. Interior courtyards are a treat for the eyes, and a great place to sit and study Spanish.

A professional musician plays the jarana custom built for her by a master craftsman in Xalapa
Native to Veracruz folk music is the guitar-like jarana. Throughout the city most nights during the week you'll come across professional, student, and amateur musicians. You're invited to sing along.

A narrow road passes through a thick, verdant forest on the edge of Xalapa.
On the slopes of the Eastern Sierra Madre mountain chain, all around Xalapa are dense forests and fast-flowing rivers. The region is full of eco and adventure activities.

Folk art adorns one long wall of the entry passage to the housing located around an interior courtyard.
Art, folk art, fine art, and "callejon" art are everywhere in the Santa Fe of Mexico. This narrow entry to housing around an internal courtyard adds fun to daily life.

El Lencero is the county home (hacienda) of the one time general and president of Mexico, Santa Ana.
El Lencero is the country home of the once general, once president of Mexico, Santa Ana. On the grounds is the majestic church he built for his wedding to his second wife.

A colorfully decorated balcony invites buyers up to a second story business.
Throughout Xalapa are special spots of beauty. This balcony is a wonderful compounding of sun and shade, color and texture, shape and volume.

The Museum of Anthropology is surrounded by masterful and beautiful landscape architecture.
The grounds of The Xalapa Museum of Anthropology are a wonderful place to walk after touring the displays.

The cathedral in Xalapa's El Centro rises tall and serves the people.
The beautiful cathedral rises high above the center of the city, El Centro, and serves the people in many ways. Merchants spread their wares and sell to locals and foreigners alike.

In Xalapa's Museum of Anthropology one find many Olmec heads, huge stone carvings from Mexico's pre-history.
Huge stone heads carved by the ancient Olmecs, Cabezas Olmecas, speak of the group's influence over southern and central Mexico. The carvings dwarf us mortals.

Stairways are the pedestrian passage between some level changes in Xalapa's terrain.
Xalapa lies on the lower slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental. The beauty of the architecture is heightened by the hilly land on which the city sits. One is reminded of San Francisco. The arts community that is pervasive in Xalapa reminds one of Santa Fe, New Mexico

In the central plaza, adults gather to visit, children come to play, and this balloon vendor comes to make a living.
Xalapa is a comfortable and happy home for its residents. In the central plaza town folks gather to visit and their children come to play.

The Xalapa Symphony Orchestra performs, at times, with local folk musicians.  The orchestra is known world-wide.
The Orquesta Sinfonica de Xalapa is the county's oldest. This world class orchestra resides within the domain of the University of Veracruz. During much of the year, performances are weekly.

Xalapa lies on the lower slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental.  Its hilly vistas remind one of San Francisco.
The far ridgline in the cloud-forested mountains leads to Orizaba Peak. The peak is the third highest in all of North America.

The broad, open corridor at the Museum of Anthropology is actually a display room for small artifacts from Mexico's ancient past.
Xalapa's world famous Museum of Anthropology is a traveler's must-visit. The spacious buildings and grounds house many of the great treasures of Mexico's rich pre-history.

In the Museum of Anthropology is this map showing the ranges of the empires of the past.
Overlapping regions of greatness are depicted in this map. The presence of the native empires that once controlled the land is still felt today.

On display at the Museum of anthropology is this 3-D model of the enchanting Totonac ruins of El Tajin.
In the north of the State of Veracruz is the large ruins of El Tajin. More human in scale than Mexico's largest ruins, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Chichen Itza, El Tajin embraces visitors in an almost mystical way.

Even on a rainy day this pedestrian callejon, narrow street, is lined with vendors.
This narrow street, now a pedestrian walkway, serves as a perfect location for an outdoor market.

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