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Study Spanish
in Xalapa (Jalapa), Mexico

Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Xalapa, Mexico.

Learn Spanish in Xalapa, the city many refer to as the Santa Fe of Mexico.

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750.00 US Dollars per week (includes classes, accommodations, meals, and much more--please see the list below)

Prices subject to change; please check with us for latest pricing.

Group plans are available.

Included are the following:

  • Classroom and Out-and-About-Labs for a total of SIX HOURS A DAY of instruction for five days a week, MAXIMUM GROUP SIZE OF TWO

  • Housing (air conditioned room with private bath)

  • Two meals a day five days a week

  • All texts and school materials with the exception of your personal copy of 501 Spanish Verbs, and your favorite dictionary (paper or electronic)

  • High speed Internet access

  • Weekly laundry service

  • We’ll meet you at the bus station in Xalapa upon arrival.

We are ready to help you plan weekend trips, and we’re happy to make sure you’re on the right bus. A number of weekend trips are described on the page "Weekends." Just click on the nav bar. It may be you'd like to take a run to Oaxaca City, or visit the magnificent ruins at Teotihuacán or Palenque.

We are always happy to have our students spend a couple of weeks with us and then leave school for a week’s travel before coming back to finish up their chosen studies.

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Join us to Study Spanish in Xalapa

Enjoy Spanish Immersion in this Arts Center in the undiscovered State of Veracruz

Learn Spanish as you actively participate in the art and culture of today's Mexico and yesterday's Totonacapan.

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